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Experience seamless cloud migration and expert management with iVolve, the exclusive Tier-1 Alibaba Cloud partner in KSA. Our tailored solutions can drive your business growth and innovation.

Why Choose Alibaba Cloud for Your Enterprise Needs?

Alibaba Cloud, China’s foremost cloud service provider, supports enterprises, startups, and government sectors globally. With a presence in over 200 countries, 19 data centers, and over 60 services, Alibaba Cloud drives sustainability, efficiency, and connectivity. Recognized as China’s largest public cloud service provider and a global leader, Alibaba Cloud offers scalable solutions for all your cloud computing and data management needs. Enjoy cost-effective services and seamless integration with Alibaba’s comprehensive product suite.

Expert Cloud Management Services to Elevate Your Business

Let iVolve handle your Alibaba Cloud management, so you can concentrate on innovation and growth

Simplify Migration and Disaster Recovery with iVolve MOVE & PROTECT

iVolve MOVE & PROTECT offers tailored Migration and Disaster Recovery as a Service solution for businesses in KSA. Ensure continuous workload replication to public clouds, securing data in a compliant environment.


iVolve MOVE: Migration as a Service

Effortlessly migrate your workloads from any cloud to Alibaba Cloud with iVolve MOVE, using the right tools, expertise, and team.

• Live Replication to Alibaba Cloud: Seamlessly replicate workloads to Alibaba Cloud’s KSA infrastructure, ensuring data sovereignty and compliance.
• Managed Migration Packages: Choose from Essential or Premium packages, offering tailored levels of support and management.
• Robust Migration Tools: Utilize industry-leading tools for reliable and efficient migration strategies.
• Cloud7 Centralized Hub: Manage and monitor your migrations through Cloud7 CMP, a centralized hub for self-service, billing, orchestration, and cloud management.

iVolve PROTECT: Disaster Recovery as a Service

iVolve PROTECT provides cross-platform replication and simplifies disaster recovery, ensuring sustainable growth and resilience.

• Continuous Replication: Ensure continuous replication of workloads to Alibaba Cloud, providing a secure and compliant environment for data storage.
• Simplified Management: Streamline the complexities of DR setup and configuration with our intuitive interface and automation.
• Data Sovereignty and Compliance: Your data is securely stored within the KSA region to comply with local regulations and sovereignty requirements.

Round-the-Clock Alibaba Cloud Monitoring – Ensure Optimal Performance

Our 24/7 monitoring team keeps a vigilant eye on your ECS servers and critical services, ensuring constant oversight. We also offer monitoring for your broader Alibaba Cloud infrastructure upon request.

Leverage Our Decade-Long Expertise in Alibaba Cloud Services

With practical experience managing Alibaba Cloud services, our experts tailor solutions to your needs. We’ve delivered reliable, high-performance IT services across various cloud environments for over a decade. Our deep understanding of cloud architecture design ensures your systems are robust and efficient.

Why iVolve Technologies’ Alibaba Cloud Service Stands Out

iVolve Technologies is the only Tier-1 Alibaba Cloud partner in KSA, giving us a distinct advantage in delivering exceptional cloud solutions. Here’s why our Alibaba Cloud services are different:

Exclusive Tier-1 Partnership

As KSA’s exclusive Tier-1 partner, we have direct access to Alibaba Cloud’s latest technologies and resources, ensuring our clients benefit from the most advanced cloud solutions available.

Customized Solutions for Every Business

We understand that every business is unique. Our team crafts customized cloud strategies that align with your specific goals and requirements, ensuring optimal results and seamless integration.

Expert Team with Deep Knowledge

Our experts have extensive experience and specialized knowledge in Alibaba Cloud services. This enables us to deploy, manage, and optimize your cloud environment effectively, ensuring top-tier performance and security.

End-to-End Managed Services

From initial assessment and migration planning to ongoing optimization and support, we provide a comprehensive range of managed services that cover every aspect of your cloud journey.

Focus on Innovation and Growth

We handle the complexities of cloud management, allowing you to focus on what matters most—innovating and expanding your business. Our services are designed to enhance your operational efficiency and drive growth.

Proven Track Record

With over a decade of delivering managed IT services across various cloud platforms, we have a proven track record of success. Our clients trust us to provide reliable, high-performance cloud solutions that meet their evolving needs.

Powerful Security and Compliance

We prioritize the security and compliance of your cloud environment. Our services include continuous monitoring, advanced security measures, and adherence to local regulations, ensuring your data is protected and compliant.

24/7 Support and Monitoring

Our dedicated support team provides round-the-clock monitoring and assistance, ensuring your cloud infrastructure is always running smoothly and efficiently. We are here to help whenever you need us.

Cost-Efficiency and Optimization

We focus on optimizing your cloud resources to maximize cost-efficiency. Our strategies reduce unnecessary expenditures and ensure you get the best return on your cloud investment.

Seamless Integration and Migration

Our iVolve MOVE service ensures a smooth and efficient migration from any cloud to Alibaba Cloud. We use industry best practices to maintain business continuity and enhance performance during the transition.

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Alibaba Cloud ECS Maintenance Service

Get enterprise-grade Alibaba Cloud ECS maintenance service with 24×7 uptime monitoring, essential services monitoring, security scans, audits, etc. Please check the details and features below.

Pricing Table Icon
24×7 ECS Uptime Monitoring.
24×7 ECS Essential Services Monitoring.
Initial ECS Hardening.
Human Review & Response to Monitoring Alerts.
Monthly Detailed Monitoring Report.
Server Audit & Maintenance with Report.
ECS Patching & Updates.
Security, Vulnerability & Virus Scans.
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24×7 ECS Uptime Monitoring.
24×7 ECS Essential Services Monitoring.
Initial ECS Hardening.
Human Review & Response to Monitoring Alerts.
Monthly Detailed Monitoring Report.
Server Audit & Maintenance with Report.
ECS Patching & Updates.
Security, Vulnerability & Virus Scans.

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