Public Cloud Migration.

A Seamless Migration for your Workload to the Public Cloud

Asset discovery

As an experienced Cloud Migration Services provider , iVolve brings extensive technical and functional expertise to help to increase the visibility , reliability and functionality of your cloud workloads.

One Stop Shop for all your Cloud Needs

Strategic Migration

Eliminates the potential waste and unproductivity of lift-and-shift migrations.


Improve efficiency, achieve resiliency, and drive innovation leveraging the power of DevOps automation.

Optimize Post

We will track utilization & KPIs, right-size instances, and deploy autoscaling to ensure high availability, Once you are migrated.

Guaranteed Service

Our expert ensures the availability of your cloud-based infrastructure and services.


Highest Concentration of professional certified specialist in the industry.


Extremely affordable charges for our management.

Security & Compliance

Enable Continuous compliance in PCI-DSS, HIPPA, SOC2

Automatic Backup &
Logging of Key Metrics

Related to Monitoring, back up and logging services are really important especially if you need to perform disaster recovery from an outage.

We make business transformation easy. From assessments to planning to migrating your workloads.

Successful Cloud Migration Process

Minimizing your Hassle through our Cloud Migration approach

We typically perform cloud vendor assessment to ensure they meet your business and security needs.

Public Cloud Platform of your choice

For major public cloud platforms, iVolves provides the (Data and Applications) Migrating services for :