Cloud Adoption & Migration

We are your partner in your journey to the “cloud”.

Across every industry, organizations are moving away from traditional IT infrastructure and investing in cloud solutions. With the right cloud strategy, you can drive efficiency through operations automation, grow revenue through innovation, modernize applications and realize cost savings by shifting toward usage-based, pay-as-you-go pricing models.


We offer enterprise-grade managed services you need to run applications and work-loads on the leading public cloud platforms, including Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure and Detasad SAHABA Cloud.


iVolve’s Public Cloud Consulting services can help you choose the right cloud platform to migrate your on-premises infrastructure and help run your business applications. We can help you identify the business areas and workloads that can, when migrated to a cloud computing model, reduce costs and improve service delivery in line with your business priorities.


At iVolve, we use a highly structured, agile and collaborative approach to achieve your business goals using the right cloud technology infrastructure. We partner with best-of-breed technology providers – AWS, Microsoft Azure, and SAHABA Cloud to ensure our services are perfectly tailored to your business needs.

Cloud Adoption

With the right strategy and the right approach, you can adopt cloud quickly and effectively, replacing your old on-premises IT infrastructure.

Cloud Migration

Utilizing our expertise in cloud industry, we help our customer migrate to the cloud with the right tools and methodology.

Cloud Managed Services

Move all your services to the cloud and leave the burden of IT management of your cloud-based infrastructure to us. We provide a fully managed services for your cloud work-loads and applications.

Cloud Managed Security Services

For iVolve, the security of your cloud-based infrastructure is priority. Use our security expertise to secure your data and environment with iVolve’s fully managed security services.

Get to and Operate in the Cloud

Trust our experts to navigate, operate and optimize the ideal infrastructure to achieve your goals.

Innovate with Technology

Free your team to concentrate on building your products while we manage the infrastructure.

Maximize Your IT Investment

Partner with us to increase efficiency, drive innovation and improve your bottom line.

Reduce Costs

In the cloud, you can significantly reduce capital expenses as you transition from a capex to an opex model.