Managed Cloud Security

Detect and remediate security breaches quickly.

Now’s the time to adjust your cloud security strategy — before your network perimeter defenses are no longer effective against cyberattacks. Beyond threat prevention, you need swift breach detection and remediation to minimize the time criminals spend in your environment and the harm they can cause.


As a leading Managed Security Services Provider (MSSP), iVolve not only offers threat monitoring and data protection services but around-the-clock rapid response and remediation services.

Assets Discovery

Having an understanding of the assets that your organization has is critical to prioritize the efforts to respond to attacks and contain breaches.

Vulnerability Assessment

One you have a reasonable understanding of the assets deployed in your organization, it is important to understand where your weaknesses lie:

Intrusion Detection

Every single one of us is constantly being attacked. Understanding the nature, target and sophistication of those attacks is critical when prioritizing our security efforts

Behavioral Monitoring

Not all breaches are avoidable. We will always be faced with a risk management decision when it comes to determine whether a vulnerability in an asset running a critical business process is worth the cost of disrupting that process.

Breach Detection

Actively searching for threats is important for keeping your business safe. To find cyber threats, you need a team that monitors and manages your environment 24x7x365, using advanced technology and analytics.

Minimizing Breach Window

The most precious resource for a threat is time. So your security strategy must include an approach to closing the breach window as quickly as possible — to get the bad guys out before they can cause harm.

Threat Remediation Response

Traditional managed service providers simply notify you of a data breach, leaving it up to you to respond. But we act on anomalous events immediately, on your behalf, based on pre-approved actions.

Reducing TCO

Maintaining a fully staffed, around-the-clock security team can be expensive. But by turning to a MSSP with the resources and experience to detect and respond to security events on your behalf, you can help ensure your environment’s security while reducing your TCO.