The Launch of Qaumi Cloud

PTCL Partners With Detasad (Detecon Al Saudia Co. Ltd.) To Establish Qaumi Cloud “QCloud” In Pakistan in Collaboration With iVolve Technologies.

Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited (PTCL) partners with DETASAD a Saudi-German joint venture, providing end-to-end ICT solutions and a leading contributor to the ICT sector of Kingdom of Saudi Arabia with a track record of 38 years, to establish “QCloud” and develop the public cloud infrastructure in Pakistan. This will be Pakistan’s first internationally collaborated public Cloud services and Pakistan’s first ever cloud marketplace that is locally hosted in PTCL Tier-3 Data Center.

PTCL in line with the vision of Digital Pakistan brings this key initiative to have a positive impact on the local businesses in Pakistan. QCloudwill enable organizations to equip themselves to conveniently opt for the innovative and secure Cloud with full compliance on data confidentiality and security regulations for both Pakistan and Internationally. DETECON Al Saudia Co. LTD (DETASAD) and PTCL will provide portfolio of Cloud services from the most agile and secure Data Centers within Pakistan supported by iVolve Technologies. 

With its enterprise-grade & cost-effective services, QCloud offers its customer IaaS, PaaS and SaaS on a highly scalable and secure public cloud platform. The flexible cloud offerings and a rich catalogue, backed by guaranteed availability SLA, makes QCloud an attractive offer to the consumers. QCloud provides its customers a self-service portal and brings Pakistan’s first digital cloud marketplace with a huge range of products and services. 

QCloud has been designed to be performance optimized, yet affordable. Therefore, providing the customer to transform their traditional IT infrastructures to a modern and scalable cloud-based infrastructure. 

Deputy Minister Eng. Nawaf Alhoshan at Ministry of Communication & Information Technology said, “This partnership is an example of the importance of collaboration and cooperation in the digital world — between governments, between companies, and most critical, between the public and the private sector.

Driven by Vision 2030 —our blueprint for social transformation and economic diversification— the Kingdom today is reaching out to the world using digital as a language that transcends borders and cultures. A language common to anyone working to build a better world. Today, we reach out to the Islamic Republic of Pakistan. The partnership is also a living example of how digital bridges between people and nations. Together, the two companies will participate and drive digital transformation across Pakistan as they rollout the QCloud.”

Speaking on the collaboration, Shoaib Ahmad Siddiqui, Secretary IT & Telecom and Chairman Board of Director, PTCL, said, “I would like to congratulate both the companies on this partnership to bring innovative business solutions to Pakistan that will make local businesses more agile and secure.”

“In our journey to digitize the country under the Prime Minister’s vision of a Digital Pakistan, PTCL is taking a leadership role in engaging with key international partners to make technology both accessible and affordable. Moreover, I am glad that this collaboration will further strengthen the friendly bond that exists for many years between Pakistan and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia,” he added.

Commenting on the partnership, Eng. Hisham AlSheikh, Deputy Chief Executive Officer, YESSER, said, “We want to congratulate DETASAD for being one of the firstkey Saudi companies to that plays a role in realizing the Saudi Vision 2030 in the information and communications technology industry and for aspiring to become a global industry player beyond the Kingdom’s borders. We would also like to commend PTCL for such strategic collaboration towards establishing the QCloud, Pakistan’s first internationally collaborated public cloud service in this market in addition to other exciting projects.

International partnerships like these are critical for our industry’s long-term growth and development, and YESSER is proud to enable such vital collaborations.”

On this occasion, Felix Thomas Wass, CEO and President, DETASAD, said, “It is a great honor to be the first Saudi technological company to operate in the Pakistani market. In line with the Saudi Vision 2030, this partnership will further develop relationship between both countries.

The launch of QCloud in partnership with PTCL, one of the leading ICT companies in Pakistan, will pave the way towards building a Digital Pakistan supported by our vast experience and knowledge in the past 38 years here in Saudi Arabia, and supporting Digital Saudi with the help of the guiding wind of the MCIT and YESSER.

Speaking on the collaboration, Zarrar Hasham Khan, Chief Business Development Officer, PTCL, said “We are delighted to collaborate on bringing innovative business solutions that will make local businesses more agile and secure.

In our journey to digitize Pakistan, PTCL is taking a leadership role in engaging with key international partners to make latest technology both accessible and affordable.”

On the partnership, Nauman Vawda, CEO, iVolve, said, “We are excited to support and represent DETECON Al Saudia Co. LTD (DETASAD) as the first international player to take the lead in Pakistan. Being an integral part of this partnership, it is certainly a privilege to support in the transformation of Pakistan’s digital landscape and economy.

Through rich catalogue of Cloud service and marketplace solutions, companies can truly experience agility and innovation that will support their growing business needs.”

Commenting on the partnership, Amin Ali Amin, MD at iVolve Technologies said: I strongly believe that QCLOUD will bring great value to the enterprises in Pakistan and help them accelerate there journey in digital transformation.

We believe that customer experience is the most important aspect of any business and we all are committed to provide highest standard to our customers.

Also, from the German ambassador H.E. Jörg Ranau in Saudi Arabia commented on this partnership: “It is with great pleasure that I took note of DETASAD becoming a strategic partner in one of Saudi-Arabia’s Giga-Projects, namely Qiddiya. Apart from that, DETASAD will start exporting Saudi-Arabian technology to Pakistan.

This is Vision 2030 made reality for the benefit of everyone. German companies will continue their support to the Kingdom of Saudi-Arabia in achieving their goals under the Vision 2030.”

DETASAD has successfully supported the Digital Saudi movement with the guiding wind of MCIT and YESSER that helped Saudi Arabia withstand any disrupting force of nature or technological innovation. iVolve is an exclusive partner of DETASAD for this project, that will manage the entire value chain system, in collaboration with PTCL within Pakistan, using its best-in-class engineering and operational capabilities. This alliance will prove to be the decisive step in bringing German-Saudi technologies into Pakistan to accelerate the growth and digitization in Pakistan.  

PTCL Business Solutions caters to the business and connectivity needs of companies across various industries and is committed to the vision of Digital Pakistan.  

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