Email Archiving

Get the flexibility and operational efficiency to meet compliance requirements with our Email Archivingsolution.

Usually the business-critical information is located in company email systems and sometimes its stored only there. That makes it more important than ever to have email archiving software in order to ensure business continuity and information availability. This is where iVolveEmail Archivingsolution becomes important.


Our enterprise-grade and integrated email archiving solution helps you proactively comply with the regulatory, legal and business requirements for your data. iVolveEmail Archiving also helps in improving the operational efficiency of your email environment, including cloud email solutions like Microsoft Office 365, even as email volumes continue to grow.

Multi level protection

Multiple level of protection from backing up locally to disk, digital off-site vaulting to a different data center, and/or long-term vaulting options to a public-cloud.

Client Data

The service protects client data from mistakes, disasters and everything in between, helping meet data backup compliance requirements with a simple, secure solution. It also eliminates the expense of purchasing and managing infrastructure and assists in reducing exposure to outages.

Digital Off-site Vaulting

Digital off-site vaulting allows clients to vault their backups to disk at a discrete public-clouddata-enter to protect from primary site disaster.

Data de-duplication

Data de-duplication using the latest technology to reduce the overall amount of data being protected and transferred.

eDiscovery and Compliance Made Easy

iVolve’sEmail Archving provides the flexibility and operational efficiency to meet regulatory, compliance and business requirements.

Cost & Risk Effective

iVolve helps cut the cost, risk and complexity of email archiving with its enterprise-grade archiving solution which can handle your ever-increasing email data volume.

Designed for Cloud Emails

Our comprehensive solution enhances your ability to archive email data efficiently and meet stringent regulatory and compliance requirements.