Email Security

We protect your on-premises or cloud-based email service using advanced email security solutions.

iVolve provides its customers an advance solution to protect their email service. Our solution can easily integrate with your on-premises or cloud-based email service and filters your emails to make them safe for your team. With its enterprise-grade email security layers as well as an add-on advanced threat protection layer, iVolve guarantees its customers a reliable security spectrum.

Email Security

iVolve’s Email Security Solution offers a comprehensive email security against spear phishing and other advanced, multi-stage and zero-day attacks.

Analyze emails

It analyzes emails for threats hidden in files including password-protected or encrypted attachments and malicious URLs.

Block Credential Phishing.

iVolve Email Security Solution can automatically detect and block credential phishing.

Contextual Insight

iVolve Email Security Solution can also provide a contextual insight for alerts to prioritize and contain the spread of threats.

Multilayer Anti-Spam Engine

iVolve ensures the elimination of threats before they reach your corporate firewall with its built-in multi-layered, real-time anti-spam and multi-engine anti-malware protection.

Rate Control

It protects your company’s resources and IP reputation by using outbound rate control and spam filter solutions.

Guaranteed SLA

Our service is backed by SLAs which attest to a high quality of service, including protection from 99.99% of known viruses and 99% of spam.

Maximum Uptime

Geographicallydispersed load-balanced network of datacenters helps to ensure a maximum network uptime.