Kubernetes &
OpenShift Consulting

Kubernetes helps automate application deployment while OpenShift is the container platform that works with Kubernetes to help applications run more efficiently.


Kubernetes & OpenShift

  • Both Kubernetes and OpenShift are popular container management systems, and each has its unique features and benefits.
  • Kubernetes is an orchestration tool, allowing the user to run and manage container-based workloads. It is an open-source tool, which supports multiple cloud and bare metal environments
  • Red Hat OpenShift is the Kubernetes platform that provides a trusted foundation for the on-premises, hybrid, and multi-cloud deployments today’s enterprises demand.

Features to Expedite Releases

Full Kubernetes API

When you provision an iVolve Kubernetes cluster, we firstly spin up a Kubernetes control plane and provide an endpoint to use with any Kubernetes ecosystem tool.

Managed Services

iVolve constantly monitors your Kubernetes Control Plane to ensure that you are always able to deploy and access your cluster.

Guided Configuration

We, at iVolve, will comprehensively guide you through the steps to easily connect to your cluster, deploy an application and add extra resources such as load balancers and storage.


iVolve automatically alters the number of nodes in your cluster which ensures control costs and fast performance.

Open API

Seamlessly integrates with your existing workflows and tools.


Schedule automatic updates of your clusters to new versions of Kubernetes.

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Challenges faced with Kubernetes & OpenShift


Although containers enable greater speed, they can also create security blind spots and increase your attack surface.

Network Policies

If network policies are not implemented properly, containers will not only communicate with the required containers which will increase the attack surface.

Runtime Monitoring Challenge

Difficulty in monitoring containers due to their ephemeral nature.

Skills Deficit

Despite the relative immaturity of containers; the availability of IT professionals and an acute scarcity of container skills still remain inhibitors to adoption.

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iVolve provides to
address these challenges:


It is an exploratory process that involves researching and documenting the project’s exact requirements from start to finish.

Pain points of the Organizations

We will understand the main challenges you are facing and will provide you evaluation as how we can resolve them for you.

Solutioning for OpenShift and Kubernetes

We, at iVolve, will provide you the best solutions based on the best practices of an industry.


We will provide you with training so that there is no ambiguity on how to operate tools.

Managed Services

We will keep your Kubernetes environment up and running while you have the freedom to focus on your development.