OpenStack Consulting

iVolve helps you upgrade to the latest OpenStack release, implement an independent component or create a strategy for your projects. We do this by providing rapid deployment services that are tailored towards meeting each client’s needs quickly and efficiently while reducing time investment on their behalf!

Why You Should Choose iVolve For Your IT Needs

iVolve designs, builds and operates OpenStack private cloud infrastructures. We know how imperative it is to have a reliable infrastructure that can be scaled as needed without ay worries about maintenance or downtime for performance stability, certainty and economic efficiency. We are up 24×7 so you never miss out!

Open-Source Project

As OpenStack is an open-source project, there are no licensing costs associated with its usage.

Cost Effective

Cost benefit associated with a more streamlined and open infrastructure that enterprises have found nearly impossible to achieve with proprietary cloud and virtualization platforms.

Devoid of Vendor lock-in

With a proprietary solution, enterprises are tied to a specific vendor’s release cadence and upgrade model, which can restrict business advancement and innovation, which is not the case in OpenStack.

Simplifying Tasks

OpenStack can simplify application deployments and accelerate daily operational tasks, resulting in lower maintenance.

Innovation Possibilities

OpenStack benefits from greater technology options than other proprietary offerings.


Enterprises can stay at the cutting edge of technology with an open-source approach, which allows for accelerated development and lowered costs.

iVolve Technologies celebrates being the silver member of the community of the OpenStack community which is critical to the global community’s success.

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Key features you’re looking for

An Agile Infrastructure.

iVolve OpenStack Consulting (Private Cloud Consulting) provides a flexible infrastructure to assist you in remaining agile and competitive.

Cost Efficiency.

iVolve OpenStack can offer up to 40% savings over the cost of operating and maintaining a legacy platform.

Unparalleled Scalability.

We have scaled OpenStack clouds for many of the most renowned companies who are pleased with our services.

Industry-leading reliability.

Apart from offering patching, sophisticated monitoring and operational tooling with a 99.99% API Uptime Guarantee, we architect our clouds for scale and service availability.

In-House Expertise.

We are proficient in deploying Private cloud delivered as a managed service, which enables you to get close to your customers to maximize response times while meeting security, compliance & data sovereignty requirements.

An Open-Source Solution.

Concerned about vendor lock-in? Avoid becoming dependent on proprietary technology by using the leading open-source cloud platform — OpenStack.

Hassle-Free Migration from other hypervisors to OpenStack with iVolve

Customized Capabilities

The ability to use Open-Source technology like an OpenStack solution means users have flexibility with customized capabilities.

Cost Efficient

The process of migrating to OpenStack from legacy infrastructure can help you achieve greater flexibility and lower operational costs

Architecture Flexibilities

The architecture of the future will be flexible and responsive, meaning that it can change quickly to meet new demands

Optimize KVM

Optimize KVM for a more secure and efficient virtualization infrastructure that meets all of your organization’s needs.


Some words from our costumers We’ve been helping businesses to do their best since 2016.

This is to confirm that EXA Technologies has been a customer of iVolve Managed SOC Services since 2019. We have found iVolve team to be very competitive and has been helping us optimize our security posture. We would be very glad to recommend this service to other clients.

Mohamed Samir

COO, EXA Technologies

Cooperating with iVolve in boosting business performance and implementing AWS Cloud technology as enablers inside Siparadigm was a big and worthy step in changing how we’re positioned in the market. With remote teams and daily challenges, we’ve managed to always be ahead of the competition.

Ahmed Badr

CIO, Siparadigm

We are highly capable in data management or automation execution to save your company time!

Three Different Deployment Models

‘’We offer three various deployment models, each with its own advantages, to meet your organizational needs whether its One-time Deployment, Fully Managed or Support. Below is the table depicting the services that are included in each of the three models’’

1-time Deployment

  • Testing
  • Implementation
  • Network Architecture
  • Design
  • Knowledge transfer
  • Documentation

Fully Managed.

  • Testing
  • Implementation
  • Network Architecture
  • Design
  • Knowledge transfer
  • Documentation
  • Tuning/Optimization
  • Access through 24/7 Ticket system
  • Root Cause Analysis (RCA)
  • Security Updates
  • Incident Management
  • Pro-Active Monitoring


  • Method of Access via Web
  • Response Methods via Email/Phone
  • Remote Support
  • Feature Enhancement
  • Access through 24/7 Ticket system
  • Root Cause Analysis (RCA)

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