OpenStack, Made Simple.

With constantly changing customer demands and market conditions, there is a need of an IT strategy and infrastructure that is cost-effective, flexible and agile. OpenStack provides an open and flexible framework that many enterprises use as their underlying technology to drive business transformation to a software-defined infrastructure and support their business operations.


To mitigate technology risks, enterprise IT requires an agile and open cloud platform like OpenStack that incorporates new technologies and is supported by a wide commercial ecosystem. A new software-defined infrastructure is emerging through OpenStack that orchestrates the deployment and allocation of compute, network, and storage resources for application needs at a competitive cost.

An Openstack Consulting

We can help create an OpenStack focused cloud strategy. With our effective and efficient design, we can help architect a highly optimized OpenStack infrastructure.

Development & DevOps

iVolve’s strong DevOps team can develop orchestration and automation required to deliver services at scale. We accelerate the software delivery process by providing a comprehensive “Continuous Delivery” environment.

On-Demand Expertise

Deployment of OpenStack requires expertise. With our proven OpenStack experts, we can optimize the deployment and testing of the OpenStack cloud.


We offer an optimal choice to transform your existing OSS and BSS by integrating them with OpenStack cloud.

An Agile Infrastructure

Struggling to move quickly and keep up with the competition? iVolve OpenStack Consulting provides a flexible infrastructure to help you remain agile and competitive.

On-Demand Expertise

Lacking the in-house skills necessary to operate a cloud platform? We deliver OpenStack as a service, so you can focus on your core business.

Cost Efficiency

Trying to innovate while cutting operating costs? iVolve OpenStack can offer up to 40% savings over the cost of operating and maintaining a legacy platform.

An Open-Source Solution

Concerned about vendor lock-in? Avoid becoming dependent on proprietary technology by using the leading open-source cloud platform — OpenStack.