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iVolve’s legacy application modernization services offer seamless & comprehensive end-to-end solutions for upgrading the applications, ensuring minimal disruption and increased cost-effectiveness.

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Our Lagacy Application Modernization Approach

iVolve follows these simplified steps for the modernization of projects.


We will go through your application portfolio and analyze it. You will be provided with a modernization roadmap including the architecture, a plan for modernization, and a business case. We will help you to understand technical challenges, and tackle the issues of security.


In this phase, we will be re-factoring, re-platforming, and re-hosting your targeted applications according to the customized plan. We will also be integrating DevOps practices, implementing the pipeline of DevSecOps and the creation of a cloud landing zone.


Management is the final phase in which, our experts can take over the charge meanwhile you can have your teams work on other projects. iVolve experts can enhance and operate your applications without having you to worry about them.

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With Cloud-native Strategy, Application Migration is Simplified

Using cloud-native approach, we modernize the data, application, code, and database. Our application migration strategy will help in refactoring, and re-architecting, with the microservices.

Migration of Application

Modernization of applications with complete migration of workload for the development of scalable technology platforms.

Application Management

Application management requires optimization of product, valued engineering, and MES support as it is quite critical.

Legacy to Cloud-native application

Migrate the data and applications to cloud-native, serverless architecture and microservices from the legacy applications.

Application Modernization Process

At iVolve, we follow a certain methodology for the modernization of applications which generates quality end results. From assessment to application optimization, each step is observed by our experts to make sure that every step is implemented correctly!


Monolithic multi-tier application

Assessment & Plan

Application portfolio assessed for tailor made modernization roadmap


Application migrated on Cloud


Application components are containerized


Application components deployed as microservices while enabling monitoring, logging & tracing.


GitOps tools implementation and integration.


Application monitored, ongoing innovation and maintained up-to-date.


Get Risk-free Modernization Roadmap for Legacy Applications!

Bridging The Gap Between Legacy Systems and
Modern Technologies Across Industries

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Challenges We Solve for: Enterprise Application Modernization

Our Enterprise Application Modernization services address the issues faced by businesses, ensuring a smooth, seamless modernization process.

Lack of Expertise:

Lack of requisite skills for migration and post-migration phases can hinder modernization. We bring expertise to fill the skills gap, ensuring a smooth process and post-migration success.

High Initial Costs:

Modernization can involve high initial costs, but our team helps you identify cost-effective solutions and provide a clear roadmap for modernization that maximizes ROI.

User Experience Challenge:

Replicating user-friendly systems in modernization can be complex, but our user-centric design approach ensures that modernized applications are intuitive, efficient, and user-friendly. 

Legacy System Integration:

Many organizations struggle with integrating their legacy systems with modern applications. At iVolve, we have expertise in integrating legacy systems with modern cloud-based platforms.

Security and Compliance:

Modernizing applications can introduce new security and compliance challenges. Our team helps identify and mitigate potential risks, ensuring that your applications meet regulatory requirements.

Operational Downtime:

Our comprehensive monitoring, coverage, and testing ensure a smooth modernization process that doesn’t disrupt your business operations.

Types of Modernization Service We Offer at iVolve

Modernize your legacy applications for enhanced performance


This involves restructuring an application’s codebase and infrastructure for better performance, scalability, and maintainability, aligning with modern software design patterns and principles. Benefits of this approach include:

• Simplify application structure to reduce complexity and costs.
• Enhanced application scalability for increased traffic and data volume.
• Improved application performance through architecture & infrastructure optimization.


This involves moving an application from its current platform to a new one, typically to take advantage of new features or performance improvements. Benefits of this approach include:

• Avoid cost and complexity of rewriting the application from scratch.
• Improved application performance and reliability by moving to a modern platform.
• Reduced vendor lock-in by moving to a more flexible and open platform.


This involves replacing an existing application with a new commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) product that better meets the organization’s needs. Benefits of this approach include:

• Access to vendor support and ongoing product updates
• Greater functionality and capability compared to legacy application
• Access to new features and capabilities that not available in current application


This involves making incremental changes to an application’s codebase to improve its maintainability, scalability, and other non-functional attributes. Benefits of this approach include:

• Making the application more modular and easier to maintain
• Reducing technical debt and making the application more sustainable in the long term
• Improved application performance and scalability by optimizing its code


This involves completely redesigning and rebuilding an application to better align with modern software design patterns and principles. Benefits of this approach include:

• Improved performance, scalability, and reliability of the application
• Avoiding the limitations and technical debt of the existing application
• Reduced technical debt and maintenance costs associated with the existing application


This involves rewriting an application’s code from scratch to improve its functionality and maintainability using modern technologies and software design patterns. Benefits of this approach include:

• Creating a cleaner and more efficient codebase that is easier to maintain and modify
• Reducing the risk of errors and bugs by addressing known issues in the existing code
• Improved performance, scalability, and reliability of the application

Application Containerization:

This involves packaging an application and its dependencies into a container to improve portability and scalability. Some key benefits of containerization include:

• Improved portability and flexibility of the application
• Greater scalability and availability through container orchestration tools
• Reduced infrastructure costs through containerization and cloud-native deployments

Cloud Native Development:

This involves designing and building applications specifically for cloud environments, leveraging cloud-native technologies and services. Benefits of this approach include:

• Scalability and availability through cloud-native design
• Agility and speed-to-market through DevOps
• Cost reduction through cloud-native services


This involves breaking down an application into smaller, more modular services that can be independently deployed, scaled, and maintained. Benefits of this approach include:

• Scalability and availability with SOA
• Flexibility and agility with independent deployment
• Reduced risk of system failure with fault isolation & resilience design patterns


DevOps modernization helps organizations to modernize their legacy applications by applying DevOps principles and practices, resulting in faster, more reliable, and more efficient software delivery. This involves integrating development and operations teams to create a more collaborative and agile development process. Some key benefits of DevOps include:

• Streamlining the development process by automating manual tasks such as testing and deployment
• Improving application quality and reliability by enabling CI/CD
• Reducing development and deployment time by creating a more agile and efficient development process

eCommerce Re-Platforming:

Re-platforming involves moving an existing eCommerce site to a new platform, addressing issues with outdated technology, limited scalability, and lack of features. Benefits of this approach include:

• Enhanced features and capabilities to support growth and customer engagement.
• Get enhanced features, capabilities and reduced technical debt and maintenance costs.
• Improved customer experience through data transfer and new front-end design.

UX Modernization:

UX Modernization involves enhancing the user experience of an application or website to improve usability, accessibility, and engagement through UI redesign, navigation, search functionality, and accessibility improvements.
Benefits of this approach include:

• Intuitive and user-friendly interface for increased engagement and satisfaction
• Optimized user experience leading to improved sales and conversions
• Positive user experience contributing to brand reputation and customer loyalty

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