Managed Detection & Response

With our MDR service, we support your organization needs with high-speed threat detection, containment and response.

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We offer advanced threat detection techniques and 24/7 monitoring to provide you with greater visibility into your security posture and mitigate risks before any damage.

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Our managed investigation and guided response services proactively mitigate threats to prevent damage, ensuring the safety and security of your business.

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With our MDR solution, you’ll receive a complete incident response plan that includes custom rules and workflows to boost your security posture, reduce risks, and enhance overall security..

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Emerging Cybersecurity Challenges Every Organization Faces

Following are six major cybersecurity challenges that organizations need to address in order to protect themselves from emerging cyber threats.

Cloud Operation Security Issues

Outsourcing the workloads to the cloud comes with many advantages but at the same time, it reduces the visibility of the security operations, that may lead to a security breach. Proper implementation of security measures can help mitigate the risk of cyber threats and ensure the protection of sensitive data

Complying with Privacy Laws

With the growing use of digital technologies and the internet, the risk of cybercriminals stealing or compromising personal data has become a major concern. It is also essential to comply with relevant data privacy laws and regulations to ensure the protection of user information.

Insider Threats: Risks and Solutions

Insider threats are a significant risk to all size of businesses, with 25% of data breaches caused by employees or associates. This can result in financial damage and put employees and customers at risk. To prevent it, small businesses need to promote security awareness and limit access to sensitive data.

Rising Cybersecurity Threats

Rising cyber threats pose a significant risk to organizations of all sizes. These threats include malware, phishing attacks, ransomware, etc. In this environment, it’s essential to stay vigilant and take proactive measures to safeguard your online presence.

Lack of Security & IT Expertise

The lack of security expertise is a major concern. Without the necessary knowledge and skills, organizations are at increased risk of costly breaches and data loss. And it’s really hard to find and retain qualified staff to protect their networks and data from sophisticated attacks.

Overloaded with Multiple Alerts

An often-overlooked issue when it comes to cybersecurity is the sheer volume of alerts security that IT teams regularly receive. Many of these alerts cannot be readily identified as malicious, and have to be checked on an individual basis.

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Three Critical Phases of Our MDR Service: Detection, Response, and Recovery

Protect your business from cybersecurity threats with our MDR service that covers the essential stages of threat management – detecting, responding, and recovering.


Broad Visibility

Works with your existing technology stack to discover and profile assets, as well as gather security event observations and data from various sources.

24×7 Monitoring

We monitor your environment for any sort of threats consecutively as it helps in focusing on the other important areas of business.

Advanced Threats

Our team analyzes a vast amount of security data to detect and identify advanced threats that often go unnoticed.


Managed Investigations

Every suspicious activity is investigated by our experts so that much of your time is saved and situations are controlled quickly.

Log Retention and Search

Log management is carried away and it allows you to conduct any further investigations easily if any are required.

Incident Response

You can quickly detect and respond to critical security incidents within minutes, preventing the spread of threats & minimizing the potential damage.


Guided Remediation

By investigating prioritized alerts, iVolve threat researchers can then work with organizations to provide a detailed remediation plan.

Root Cause Analysis

Our in-depth investigation into incident root causes enables us to create customized rules and workflows that strengthen your security posture.

Personalized Engagement

Timely meetings are arranged for the complete review of the security postures and detection of areas that require some improvement.

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Why Our Managed Detection and Response Service Stands Out?

iVolve Technologies offers Managed Detection and Response services, staffed by a team of highly skilled cyber experts. Our purpose-built MDR security system detects threats at a faster pace and responds swiftly, providing clients with the best possible protection against potential cyber threats.

Unlimited Scalability

iVolve offers combination of high-performance computing & cloud technology that gives organizations the ability to achieve unlimited scale for their computing needs.

Automated Threat Containment

We offer automated threat containment and rapid validation to quickly identify and respond to potential security threats.

Improved Reporting & Compliance

We have the ability to effectively monitor and report on security incidents and ensure compliance with relevant regulations and standards.

Expert Incident Investigation

Our MDR security service provides thorough investigation and analysis of the security incidents to ensure effective threat detection and response.

24×7 SOC Monitoring

Our security professionals are available 24/7 to monitor your network and systems in real-time for threat detection and response.

Behavioral Analytics & Network Security

We provide behavioral analytics and network traffic monitoring to detect and prevent security threats before they can cause any damage.

Incident Response & Log Management

We make sure that security incidents are promptly and effectively addressed and that all log data is properly documented.

Vulnerability Management

Effective Vulnerability Management is crucial for proactive threat prevention. We provide comprehensive MDR cybersecurity services to minimize the risk of security breaches.

Client-Informed Decisions

We inform clients about the decisions we made using transparent insights, empowering them to stay ahead of potential security threats.

Continuous Variation & Improvements

We continuously evolving and improving to stay ahead of the latest security threats and technologies, ensuring that our clients are protected.

Extended Security Arm

By operating as an extension of your organization, our MDR solution enables you to quickly elevate security capabilities to enterprise level.

Detailed Detection

We use advanced tools & techniques to investigate incidents, providing clients with actionable insights and recommendations to enhance their security.

iVolve’s Enterprise-Level Manage Detection Service

iVolve Technologies have been serving different companies around the world with their enterprise-grade services and solutions. Our managed detection and response services include:

Threat Response

• 24/7 Detection
• Threat Triage
• Threat containment
• Extensive forensics

Core Capabilities

• Rapid Reaction
• Live Monitoring
• Integrated Endpoint
• Multiple Integration

Certified Analysts

• Global Analysts
• Proactive Hunting
• Easily reachable experts

SIEM Technology

• Efficient SIEM
• Certified Services
• Customer User Access


• Scheduled Reports
• Statistical Graphs
• Detailed Report
• Performance Insight

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